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Challenge Yourself Through Scenic Views

Start your car and head for the mountains!

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Spend the day in nature, soaking in these amazing views while enjoying these 'ultra trails'. These are not for the faint of heart. We recommend three classic ultra trail races, so you can have fun with this extreme sport.

Himalaya Energy Ultra Trail

The Tibetan culture on the plateau brings an exotic and spiritual feeling to the event. The Himalaya Energy Ultra Trail, with an average elevation of 4050m and a highest of 4780m, is a typical plateau trail race. The event is located in Lulang Scenic Area, Nyingchi, where the local Tibetan culture adds charm to the experience. Due to the special conditions, players will overcome the muddy road, rain, low temperature and other factors on one hand, and the overwhelming physical burden of altitude side-effects when climbing on the other. However, when you stand on the Peak Observation Platform at the altitude of 4560m and see the grandeur view of Peak Namcha Barwa, the arduous excursion is left behind and you are left with life changing views.

Hong Kong 100 Ultra Trail Race

Being a world-famous modern metropolis, Hong Kong has the oldest, domestic ultra trail race. It is loved by many due to it's magnificent views of Hong Kong. This event is a great challenge for the endurance of players. The entire trail presents an accumulated elevation of 5300 meters, and participants are supposed to finish within 30 hours. The trail runs from the Saigon Peninsula to the foot of Tai Mo Shan, with the MacLehose Trail being the main line with clear beaches, towering ancient trees, steep mountain paths, and other terrains along the journey. To enhance the fun, a number of scenic routes were added to the trail, so that hikers can enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong.

Zhangye 100 Ultra Trail Race

Zhangye, Gansu, is world famous for its Danxia landscape, where an all-terrain track collides with gorgeous views. The event sees a perfect combination of panoramic majesty coupled with the extreme nature of trail racing on a 100-km route. The 100-km trail has a highest altitude of 3680m, and 10km of which is over 3500m above sea level, imposing great challenges for participants. The full trail includes many landforms, including the Danxia, glacier, wetlands, streams, plateaus and forests. In good weather conditions, the stars in the tranquil night are seemingly within reach.